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Thank you for taking the time to check out my little photography site. I have been a photographer for years, but now I find myself working in a library. It sounds strange, yes, but what I am doing is helping create digital archives. Makes more sense now. Right? On this site I'll share with you images, and stories about the people, places and memories that go along with these images. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.


Shout out to my assistants

I always bring a second shooter along with me when I do weddings. I've shot weddings all on my own before and it's tough. Last year I decided that I just won't do it solo anymore. I like having a second pair of eyes behind the lens. I don't see them as a crutch for me to lean on, in fact just the opposite. I am a better photographer when I can focus on what's in front of my camera and trust my assistant is catching moments like this.

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Beware of the flower girl wielding an ax and a Nerf Pistol.

I must give a shout out to Johnny Farris for doing such an awesome job at Kerry and Michael's wedding.


Sneak Preview | Kerry & Michael | Wedding

Okay. Okay. So I'm doing things a bit out of order by posting a wedding photo before posting more from the engagement photos. What can I say? I like to mix it up. Keep the loyal readership (both you and my mom) on your toes.

Actually, I just wanted to share an image from Kerry and Michael's wedding. Here was one quiet and beatutiful moment I captured before the fun really got going. (Spoiler alert! There were Nerf Guns!)

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