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Thank you for taking the time to check out my little photography site. I have been a photographer for years, but now I find myself working in a library. It sounds strange, yes, but what I am doing is helping create digital archives. Makes more sense now. Right? On this site I'll share with you images, and stories about the people, places and memories that go along with these images. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.


my little 5D

For over a year now I've been salivating over the Canon 5d MKII camera. It seems like every time I manage to save up the funds to purchase one of my very own, I have some unexpected expense that takes priority, like fixing the a/c in the car, replacing the furnace or paying for one Little Dog's recovery. (Being a responsible grown up sometimes just isn't any fun.)

That was what gave me inspiration for Bianka's Halloween costume this year.


On more than one occassion I've looked at her and said. "There's my 5d." But as much as I want that camera, that little face means more to me.


Fun on the job

Thank you to my assistant, Johnny for getting this shot of me at Saturday's wedding. Who says you can't have fun at work?


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When you first meet Shannon and Damien, you can't help but notice how incredibly cute they are as a couple. At our first meeting as we shared stories, laughed and answered questions, and as we talked, they quietly held hands, stole glances and smiled.

Many of my couples come to me through a referral from a friend, family member or co-worker, but this was not the case with Shannon and Damien. So for me it was a little strange not knowing anything about them before we met. However, I got to learn a good deal at that first meeting.

Damien just got out of the Army and is now a nursing student at UK. Shannon is originally from Wisconsin and working as a manager here in Lexington. Shannon also informed me that they have the two cutest puppies in the world. So when we were planning their engagement photos we wanted to do something that incorporated the whole family.

Meet Shannon, Damien, Chloe and Riley. Chloe and Riley are two of the cutest pups in the world. (Shhhhh Don't tell my Bianka. She thinks she's the cutest.)

When were trying to choose a location for the engagement session, Shannon only had one request. "Can we have some place with water?" This makes sense, after all she is from Wisconsin. ( Go Packers! )

Just one problem. Our little town of Lexington isn't exactly known for having abundant water features. We don't have a river, or a lake, but what we do have is the large psuedo lake at Jacobson park. Perfect.

To be totally honest, it had been a really long time since I had been to Jacobson, but I was pleasantly surprised. We had plenty of wonderful places to shoot. Another thing that Shannon had confessed, was that she loved sunset photos. So I tried to time things such that we would get some nice silhouettes with the water. (You know how much I love a silhouette shot. I just can't help myself. )

I'm happy to say, today, Shannon and Damein will be saying I do, and you will get to see more of them in the near future.

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