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Thank you for taking the time to check out my little photography site. I have been a photographer for years, but now I find myself working in a library. It sounds strange, yes, but what I am doing is helping create digital archives. Makes more sense now. Right? On this site I'll share with you images, and stories about the people, places and memories that go along with these images. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.


3/52 Snow and Shadows

3/52 snow & shadows

I have a little catching up to do, but here is the third in project 52. When I set out to take this image I was already thinking it should be in B&W. I'm thinking it is a good time just to play in B&W a bit. Hmm... Let's see where this will take us.


2/52 Riley

So there are several New Years photo projects out and about on the web right now, and I am joining in on the fun. I'm going to try to do Project52. The goal, to post one photo every week. Since I'm getting a bit of a late start, let's just consider Pierce 1/52.

Now for week 2! How about a visit from my little buddy Riley?

Riley 2/52


| Pierce | bellies + babies |

One adorable baby, so many different expressions...

...which generate smiles to last a lifetime.


| Pierce | bellies + babies |

This has to be my absolute favorite image from my session with Pierce. (And I think it may be his mom's favorite too. She's already posted it to Facebook. )

I'll have some more coming soon. This one is just too good to keep all to myself (and half of Facebook :D)

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