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Thank you for taking the time to check out my little photography site. I have been a photographer for years, but now I find myself working in a library. It sounds strange, yes, but what I am doing is helping create digital archives. Makes more sense now. Right? On this site I'll share with you images, and stories about the people, places and memories that go along with these images. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.


8/5 Instagram Love!!!

Back in March or April, I got an Ipad. (I hate to admit how much I love this little piece of technology, but that is a subject for another post.) One of the first apps I downloaded was Instagram. After seeing all the examples my friends were posting on facebook, I knew I had to have it. Vintage photo borders, cool retro effects, tilt-shift options. Why wouldn't a self-proclaimed photo nerd love this App. Oh! And did I mention the price....FREE!!!! Love that!

So after several months of playing around with the app, I have noticed a strange phenomenon.

Birthday lunch.

My coffee mug says it all today.

Birthday pie!!!

What is it about Instagram that compels me to photograph what I eat and drink?


Veggie sandwich

I mean seriously. Do I think anyone really cares about this? No, but I still do it. And so do lots of other people.

Spinach salad

Dinner for  <a href=

It's kind of weird. Harmless but weird. I just don't get it.

Sunday morning coffee on the deck

Dinner on the back porch

Okay maybe food isn't the only thing I share on Instagram.

Little dog looking extra cute this morning

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  1. Everything looks so delicious!! Especially the pizza and margarita! Keep on Instagramming your food! Great shots!


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